The Nieuport Memorial

The memorial bears the names of 547 officers and men of United Kingdom forces who died during the First World War in operations on the Belgian coast, and whose graves are not known. A small number of those commemorated were casualties of 1914, mainly of the Royal Naval Division, who died in the attempt to hold Antwerp in October. Commonwealth forces did not return to this part of the line until June 1917, when XV corps relieved French troops in the sector from St Georges (now Sint Joris) to the sea. They saw particularly fierce fighting at Nieuport (now Nieuwpoort) in July, before handing the sector back to the French in November 1917. The remainder of those commemorated at Nieuport died during these months.

The following former member of the 9th King's is commemorated on the Nieuport Memorial:

Private Michael Purcell KIA 10th July, 1917