9th Bn., King's Liverpool Regiment - Decorations & Awards

Earned whilst serving with the Battalion

Bar to the Distinguished Service Order

Lieutenant-Colonel Lord H.C. Seymour

The Distinguished Service Order & the Military Cross

Captain R.C. Wilde

The Distinguished Service Order

Major-General F.W. Ramsay
Lieutenant-Colonel H.K.S. Woodhouse
Lieutenant-Colonel F.W.M. Drew
Major F.S. Evans
Major J. Mahony, R.A.M.C.

The Military Cross & Bar

Captain E.H.G. Roberts
Captain C.G.R. Hill
Lieutenant S.H. Randall
Lieutenant A.O. Warde

The Military Cross

Major J.W.B. Hunt
Major P.G.A. Lederer
Captain S.T.J. Perry
Captain E.L. Mackenzie, R.A.M.C.
Captain W. Raine
Captain A.G. Warde
Captain E. Payne
Captain L.L.S. Richer
Captain L.S. Elton
Captain F. Atkinson
Captain G.F. Buckle
Captain C.B. Johnson
Lieutenant R. Darling
Lieutenant G.E. Morton
Lieutenant A.C. Shepherd
Lieutenant F.E. Boundy
Lieutenant R.C.H. Ellam
Lieutenant A.M. Adams
Lieutenant W.L. Gelderd
Lieutenant W.G. Harrison, R.A.M.C.
Lieutenant W.J. Lunnon
Lieutenant L.T. Locan
Lieutenant A. Roe
Lieutenant W. Davenport
Lieutenant A.T. Barker
Lieutenant C. Stent
Lieutenant E.H. Maxwell
Regt. Sgt.-Major F.W. Miller
Regt. Sgt.-Major D. Roberts
Company Sgt.-Major F.E. Ash

The Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal & Bar

Sergeant W. Griffiths

The Distinguished Conduct Medal & the Military Medal

Company Sergeant-Major J. McCarten
Sergeant H. Williams
Sergeant H. Chisnall
Sergeant J.S. Morgan

The Distinguished Conduct Medal

Company Sgt.-Major P. Byrne
Company Sgt.-Major J. Owens
Company Sgt.-Major T. Brammer
Sergeant R. Williams
Sergeant A. Bennett
Sergeant A. Midghall
Lance-Sergeant J.W. Heap
Private W. Smith
Private F. Fowler

The Military Medal & Bar

Sergeant R.D. Walker
Sergeant L.L. Delmas
Sergeant L. Bentley
   (DCM with 4th King's)

The Military Medal

Company Sgt.-Major Meadows
Sergeant Gilmartin
Sergeant P.J. Hall
Sergeant E. Jones
Sergeant McCarthy
Sergeant Shaw
Sergeant W.T. Pope
Sergeant R. Lee
Sergeant C. Madden
Sergeant Stapleton
Sergeant McNiffe
Sergeant T. Ball
Lance-Sergeant Pennington
Lance-Sergeant B. Madden
Lance-Sergeant W. Mawer
Corporal Winrow
Corporal E. Hyland
Corporal H. Read
Corporal J. Griffin
Corporal H. Brown, R.A.M.C.
Corporal J. Clarke
Corporal Leather
Corporal L. Jones
Corporal J. Corless
Corporal A. Salmon
Corporal W.H. Cockayne
Corporal J.R. Service
Lance-Corporal A. Hilton
Lance-Corporal H. Cooper
Lance-Corporal H. Johnstone
Lance-Corporal A. Otty
Lance-Corporal Shields
Lance-Corporal Marchbank
Lance-Corporal Lewis
Lance-Corporal Westwood
Lance-Corporal Rainford
Lance-Corporal R. Montgomerie
Lance-Corporal T. Gill
Lance-Corporal J. Taylor
Lance-Corporal W. Salmon
Private W. Williams
Private A. Turnbull
Private W. Hankey
Private R. Napier
Private W. Tyldesley
Private W.W. Oswald
Private T.W. Meers
Private T.V. Anderson
Private T. Buxton
Private J. Dilworth
Private J. Hanna
Private W. Hopley
Private T. Lloyd
Private W. Bleasdale
Private Foulkes
Private Morris
Private Shallcross
Private Entwistle
Private McDonald
Private Walker
Private Brough
Private E.O. Parry
Private Mottram
Private T. Hughes
Private H. Walmesley
Private Mullard
Private T. Harrison
Private F. Lamb
Private G. Clues
Private J. Jallimore
Private W. Boyd
Private C.L. Allen
Private J. Sturdy
Private J. Petrie
Private W. Beckwith
Private R. Yates
Private C. Mosley
Private J.C. Howes
Private H. Baillie
Private A. Rowlands
Private R. Hall
Private E. Higginbottom
Private H. Lawrenson
Private F.C. Mulvey
Private A.E. Pearce
Private A. Coppach
Private T. Groom
Private C.H. Hooper
Private A. Marsh
Private J. Tyson

The Meritorious Service Medal

Regimental Quarter-Master-Sergeant A.J. Ford
Company Quarter-Master Sergeant W. O'Brien
Company Quarter-Master Sergeant A. Jones
Sergeant W.G. Edington
Sergeant T. Muncaster
Sergeant Graham
Sergeant Connolly
Sergeant H. Kynaston
Lance-Corporal R. Grayson

Medaille Militaire (French)

Company Sergeant-Major P. Byrne

Croix de Guerre (Belgian)

Corporal H. Read

Cross of St. George (Russian)

Sergeant H. Chisnall

Mention in Despatches

Major-General F.W. Ramsay, D.S.O.
Lieutenant-Colonel L. Watts, V.D.
Lieutenant-Colonel Lord H.C. Seymour, D.S.O.
Lieutenant-Colonel F.W.M. Drew, D.S.O.
Lieutenant-Colonel H.K.S. Woodhouse, D.S.O.
Lieutenant-Colonel C.G. Bradley, D.S.O.
Major J.W.B. Hunt, M.C.
Major F.S. Evans, D.S.O.
Major S.C. Ball, M.C.
Major J. Mahony, D.S.O., R.A.M.C.
Major P.G.A. Lederer, M.C.
Major N.L. Watts
Major A.W. Fulton
Captain B.W. Howroyd
Captain J.H. Halliwell
Captain D.H.D. Wooderson, R.A.M.C.
Captain H.H. Covell
Captain E.D.H. Stocker
Captain W.R. Perry, M.C.
Captain R.C. Wilde, D.S.O., M.C.
Captain E. Ashton
Captain C.B. Johnson, M.C.
Captain A.G. Warde, M.C.
Second-Lieutenant C. Nott
Regimental Sergeant-Major F.W. Miller, M.C.
Regimental Quarter-Master-Sergeant A.J. Ford, M.S.M.
Company Sergeant-Major J.C. Ward
Company Sergeant-Major J. Owens, D.C.M.
Company Sergeant-Major R. Grayson, M.S.M.
Company Sergeant-Major J.J. Snaith
Company Quartermaster-Sergeant-Major A. Jones, M.S.M.
Company Quartermaster-Sergeant-Major J. Meadows, M.M.
Acting Company Quartermaster-Sergeant-Major A. Jones
Sergeant J.E. Smith
Sergeant T. Ball, M.M.
Sergeant W. Heap
Corporal R.L. Roberts
Corporal H. Kynaston
Lance-Corporal E. Moss
Private W.J. Hanna, M.M.
Private A. Bowyer
Private T. Grice
Private A.B. Pipes

Territorial Force War Medal

Lt.-Col L. Watts, V.D.
Capt. G.M. McLoughlin
Col.Sgt. J.O. Jones
Pte W. Gallagher
Major J.G. Paris
2/Lt. E.W. Thompson
Pte R.P. Uren
Pte E.H. Parker