Anneux British Cemetery

Anneux, Havrincourt and Graincourt were captured by the 62nd (West Riding) Division on 20 and 21 November 1917. Anneux remained in Allied hands until the following 6 December. It was recaptured on 27 September 1918, by the 57th (West Lancashire) [amongst them, the 9th King's] and 63rd (Royal Naval) Divisions, acting with the 52nd (Lowland) and the 1st and 4th Canadian Divisions. These six divisions, with the New Zealand Division (which carried on the advance in October 1918), are most largely represented in the cemetery. The original cemetery was made by the 57th Division Burial Officer and by various units in October 1918. At the Armistice it contained 131 graves but was then greatly increased when graves were brought in from the surrounding battlefields and small cemeteries in the area. Anneux British Cemetery now contains 1,013 burials and commemorations of the First World War. 459 of the burials are unidentified but special memorials commemorate seven casualties believed to be buried among them.

Private Robert Henry Campbell KIA 10/08/18
Captain Fred Atkinson MC 27/09/1918
Private Clifford Farby KIA 30/09/1918
Private Edward Addis KIA 30/09/1918
Private David Edward Whitehead KIA 30/09/1918
Private William George Lewis KIA 30/09/1918
2nd Lieutenant David Scott Purdie DOW 30/09/1918
2nd Lieutenant Henry Alty DOW 30/09/1918
Private Thomas Massam DOW 01/10/1918
Private James Woolford KIA 04/10/1918
Lance Corporal Thomas Boyd KIA 05/10/1918
Private Alfred Mason KIA 05/10/1918
Private William Currie KIA 05/10/1918