Abbeville Communal Cemetery & Extension

For much of the First World War, Abbeville was headquarters of the Commonwealth lines of communication and No 3 BRCS, No 5 and No 2 Stationary Hospitals were stationed there variously from October 1914 to January 1920. The communal cemetery was used for burials from November 1914 to September 1916, the earliest being made among the French military graves. The extension was begun in September 1916. Abbeville Communal Cemetery contains 774 Commonwealth burials of First World War. The Extension contains 1,754 First World War burials.

Abbeville Communal Cemetery

The following three men of the 9th King's are buried in this cemetery:

Private Gilbert Gresham DOW 15/08/1916
Private Joseph Ralph Howard DOW 01/11/1915
Private Richard Corner DOW 21/08/1916

Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension

The following man of the 9th King's is buried in the cemetery extension:

Private John Cornall Smith DOW 14/11/1917