9th Battalion War Diary - February to March, 1918

STEINWERKE - WATERLANDS CAMP 1st to 3rd We arrived at STEINWERKE about 4.30 p.m. As the 2/9th Batt were in the trenches we were taken to STANTON'S CAMP and remained here until 3rd inst when we proceeded to join the Battalion in WATERLANDS CAMP, the 2/9th having come out of the line to this Camp.
4th & 5th The following days were spent in reorganising the whole Battalion. On the 5th inst the Baths were allotted to this unit.
6th All ranks appear to be settling down to the new conditions, and working together amicably. Members of the old 1/9th apparently very keen to imbue their new comrades with the traditions of the old Battalion, and to keep alive its fighting spirits and qualities.
ARMENTIERES SECTOR 9th & 10th The battalion moved into the line relieving the 2/10th Bn (LPOOL REGT) in the ARMENTIERES SECTOR. During the next three days everything passed off very quietly, no occurrence of any note taking place.
15th On the 15th inst the Battalion was relieved by the 13th ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS, and proceeded to hutments in ESTAIRES.
ESTAIRES 16th The Battalion spent the 16th inst in cleaning up etc.
17th The Battalion was called upon to furnish very large working parties who were to be engaged on the erection of a new Corps Defence line, 300 men having to be found each day. This was arranged so that one company could be training each day. The training of the company not engaged on working parties, carried out the following programme:- Close Order Drill, Physical Training & Bayonet Fighting, Saluting, Handling of Arms, Lewis Gun instruction and Box Respirator Drill.
23rd A draft of 81 Other Ranks reported for duty from the Reinforcement Camp. This draft consisted largely of young soldiers of 19 years of age. They appeared to be very keen and smart.
24th A notification was received from Brigade HQ that four officers and 10 Other Ranks had been awarded the Military Cross and Military Medal respectively for gallantry and devotion to duty during the raid which was successfully carried out on the night of 30th Jany. 1918.
25th On the 25th and 2 succeeding days the baths were allotted to this Battalion. Notification was received about this time that the Divisional General would inspect the Battalion on the 1st March. During this period the leave allotment was only moderate.
Lieut. Colonel Cmdg.,
9th Bn. "The King's" (Liverpool Regt.) T.F.
Feby. 28th 1918
LE SART 1st The Battalion left the Hutments at ESTAIRES and moved into Billets at LE SART for a fortnight's training.
2nd to 4th The following programme of training was carried out - Musketry, Extended Order Drill, Physical & Bayonet Training & Company Drill.
5th Battalion was inspected during the forenoon by the Commanding Officer. During the afternoon the usual training was proceeded with.
6th The G.O.C. 57th Division inspected the Battalion. The Battalion presented a very smart appearance on parade and received an excellent report from the G.O.C.
7th & 8th The usual training was carried out on these days.
9th Orders were received at 1.40 a.m. to move to ESTAIRES.
ESTAIRES 10th The Battalion were placed under orders to move at one hours notice ready to reinforce the Portuguese Division in the event of an enemy attack.
11th/12th Battalion found several working parties, and in consequence Training could not be proceeded with to any great extent.
13th Inter-Brigade Transport competitions were held on this date. This Battalion was not quite as successful in this competition as they usually are.
14th The Battalion were chiefly occupied in finding working parties.
15th Inter-Battalion competitions were held on this date. Competitions in wiring, musketry, platoon and company drill, etc., took place in which the men evinced great interest.
16th to 20th During this period nothing unusual occurred, and the battalion were engaged in the usual training and providing working parties.
21st The Battalion relieved the 7th Bn NORFOLK REGT on the evening of this day.
22nd to 23rd The situation during these two days was quiet.
24th Notification was received to the effect that all leave was cancelled. All Officers and O/ranks on Courses were ordered to rejoin their Unit, schools having been closed. Numbers of men who had proceeded on leave, but who had not embarked, returned to duty.
25th to 28th The situation during this period was very quiet. Several patrols went out for the purposes of securing identification, but were unsuccessful.
29th The situation during the day remained very quiet. At 8.30 p.m. a Raiding Party went out for the purposes of obtaining identification. A shoulder strap belonging to a "Wurtemburger" found in a dugout in the enemy front line forwarded to Brigade HQ. The raiders entered the enemy's front line trench and found same deserted. All the raiders returned to our line without suffering any casualties.
30th Notification was received that the Battalion were being relieved on the night of 30/31st inst. One Fighting Patrol went out tonight to secure identification. No enemy were seen and the patrol were unable to secure identification and returned to our lines.
31st The Battalion were relieved on the evening of the 31st by the 14th Bn. A. & S. Hrs and proceeded to Hutments in ESTAIRES.
Lieut. Colonel.
Cmdg. 9th Bn. "The King's" (Lpl. Regt.)