2/9th Battalion War Diary - October to December, 1917

HONENGHEM 1st General Routine. Battalion Training.
2nd do. Night Operations of little value owing to bright moonlight.
3rd General Routine. Battalion Training.
4th General Routine, Men bathed. Officers instructed in the reading of aeroplane photographs. More instruction would be valuable. Few officers are able to read these photographs.
5th General Routine. Night operation (Assembly for attack).
6th Inspection of the 172 Infantry Brigade by Field Marshal Sir Douglas HAIG.
7th The Battalion attended Divine Service.
8th Battalion Training, and General Routine.
9th General Routine. Brigade night operations. Battalion marched out at 12 mn.
10th Battalion returned to billets at 11.30 a.m.
11th General Routine. Battalion Trench to Trench Attack. Afternoon Baths and Brigade Sports, at which the regiment won the tug of war, and Signalling Competitions. The latter combining with sport was most keenly taken up by the men.
12th General routine. Battalion Training.
13th Brigade Trench to Trench Attack in heavy rain.
14th Bright and cold. Voluntary Services.
15th General Routine. Clipping of all Transport animals, and officers chargers except mules. Battalion training in forenoon. Transport Sports afternoon.
16th Training and baths. Average daily sickness from 1st to 16th October ten. The rations have been excellent and the regimental cooks take great interest in the preparation of the food, which is varied, and appetising.
17th The G.O.C. Brigade inspected the Battalion carrying out trench to trench attack.
18th This battalion marched with the Brigade to Billets in RENSCURE (Area).
19th The battalion embossed with the brigade and arrived in PROVEN (area). Transport moved by road.
PROVEN AREA [Ref. Hazebruck 5a 1/10,000. Area H.2.] 20th The day was devoted to a general inspection of all kit, etc.
21st Battalion Church Parade at 10 a.m. R.C.'s at PROVEN church 10.20 a.m., Presbytarians and Non-Conformists 11 a.m. at 2/10th K.L.R. Camp.
22nd In the morning the assembly formation was practised also at 7.30 p.m. On leaving 1st Army all indents for the past 14 days were cancelled this is a dangerous practice and may result in a Unit arriving in a battle area ill-provided - especially so in Boots and Leather. This system would appear very easy in amendment.
23rd C. Coy reported to Aerodrome for working party - the other Companies at the disposal of Coy Commanders.
24th The morning was spent in packing up and the paying of 3 companies. B Coy reported to Aerodrome for working party. In the afternoon, the Battn marched to PITCHCOTT CAMP.
25th B Coy was paid. A Coy reported to the Aerodrome for working party. The three remaining Coys at disposal of Coy Commanders. The sentence by F.G.C.M. on Pte. Wainwright was promulgated on Battn Parade, overstaying leave 4 days, award 91 days F.P. No.1.
26th Final inspection by Coy Commanders before moving into battle area. 10.30 p.m. received orders to entrain at 12 midnight at PROVEN. Heavy rain during day making it difficult to leave Transport Lines. Train arrived ELVERDINGHE about 1.45 a.m. - held up owing to Bombs.
MALAKOFF AREA 27th Arrived SOUTHCAMP in MALKOFF Area about 4 a.m. - Camp exceedingly muddy and difficult to place men in as details of outgoing unit still in the camp. Transport by Road arrived 9 a.m.
28th Inspection by C.O. of Companies in Battle Order. Firing Party of 12 under Lieut. LEE-JONES found for funeral of R.F.A. officers. 2nd in C, O.C. Companies and Specialist Officers reconnoitred Battle Area during day. Drying tent erected.
29th The Battalion practised formations to be used in advancing to re-inforce or counter-attack from support positions - the men being distributed in sections in shell holes, etc., previous to the advance. Reconnaissance of Battle Area by remaining officers and runners.
30th Inspection and re-fitting of Battn for the line at night. Heavy enemy bombing of Camp Area. Further reconnaissance by officers and runners of the line.
31st Coys under Coy arrangements. Inspection in the afternoon of all Coys in Battle Order. Reconnaissance by officers, scouts and runners of COMPROMIS FARM area [Ref. SCHAAP BALIE 1/10,000].
Orders received to take over Front Line system and Posts on night of 2/3rd Novr. Heavy enemy bombing at night.
Lieutenant Colonel.
Commdg. 2/9th The King's L'pool Regt.
November 1917
MALAKOFF AREA 1st Inspection of Coys in Battle Order by C.O. Heavy enemy bombing at night.
SCHAAP BALIE 2nd Left SOULT CAMP 9.30 a.m. arrived MARSOUIN CAMP 11 a.m. where hot dinners were given to the Battn. Each man had his feet rubbed in whale oil for previous 7 days and 1 "Tommy Cooker" was supplied to every 3rd man. Each man carried a small oil-can of rum for emergencies and this system proved to be of the greatest benefit as the weather was cold and the ground very damp. At 5 p.m. proceeded to Front Line Sytem & relieved 2/8th K.L.R.: although shelled on the way up remarkably few casualties only 5 wounded. Relief complete 10 p.m. MEMLING FARM was handed over by 2/8th K.L.R. & occupied by this unit: withdrawal from this advanced post was ordered by Brigade - the post being untenable and practically useless: 1 o.r. killed during occupation of post.
3rd 5.30 a.m. inspection of Battn dispositions by G.O.C. Brigade, each platoon had formed a Strong Point, these are to be linked up late to form a Front-Line system of Trenches. See attached Maps. Orders received at 3.45 p.m. to send out 3 patrols - 1 to reconnoitre MEMLING FARM, 1 to reconnoitre some concrete dug-outs approximately at Point V.8.a1.5 and 1 to reconnoitre as far forward as possible to SPIDER CROSS ROADS. The Patrol found MEMLING FARM occupied by M.G. & the enemy in neighbouring shell-holes & returned after being fired on. The Patrol ordered to Point V.8.a15 did not proceed as the left advanced post of C Company had during the day moved up to this position - the shell-holes were sandbagged but not concreted. The Patrol ordered for reconnaissance of SPIDER CROSS ROADS were caught in a heavy enemy barrage an 7 men were affected by Gas - after lying out for over an hour 2/Lt VOISEY brought his party back to LOUIS FARM & handed men affected by Gas to M.O. About 11 p.m. a deserter from the German Lines surrendered to a post of A Coy: he was at once sent down to Bgde Hqrs for examination. Heavy enemy Barrage continued until after midnight. Casualties 1 killed, 3 wounded.
4th C.O. went round the line in the morning & 2nd in command in the afternoon, Great enemy aerial activity in the afternoon over the lines: English aeroplanes not in evidence. Battn relief by 2/10th K.L.R. commenced at 5 p.m. From 4 p.m. onwards there was very heavy enemy bombardment between LANGEMARK CORNER and BONGITE which continued until well after midnight and the Battn suffered considerable casualties including Capt. R.A. MOUNTFIELD (Killed), Lieut. Col. E.V. MANGER (wounded), & Capt. & Adjt. J. WRIGHT (wounded). The Battn brought down a considerable amount of salvage including 8 Lewis Guns & 42 Rifles - see attached list); salvage dumped at HUDDLESTONE CAMP. In view of the most trying conditions coming out of the lines this was most creditable.
HUDDLESTONE CAMP 5th Battn arrived at HUDDLESTONE CAMP between 1 a.m. & 4 a.m. when all the men were given hot tea mixed with rum before turning in. At 4.30 a.m. camp shelled by H.V. Shells, 4 O.R. wounded. Major G.B.L. RAE assumed temporary command of the Battn and Lieut. F. B. CLEMENT took over the duties of Adjutant. Capt R.A. MOUNTFIELD was buried at SOULT CAMP CEMETERY at 3 p.m.: the service was taken by the Revd. E. FISHER the Regimental Chaplain. At 5 p.m. the Battn moved to MARSOUIN CAMP to Bivouac Tents.
6th At dawn the Camp was shelled by H. E. & H. V. Shell which continued until 4.30 p.m. Total Casualties for this Tour in the Line. 1 Officer & 13 O.R. killed, 6 missing, 34 wounded - 54 Casualties. N.B. 1 of the missing has been accounted for & was buried by 2/10th K.L.R. Burials by this Battn of men of other Regts. 100. At 5 p.m. the Battn was relieved by 10th Bn. LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS and moved to BRIDGE CAMP, ELVERDINGHE.
[Refce Map. HAZEBRUCK 5.A.] 7th The Battn left ELVERDINGHE by train at 12 noon for AUDRUICQ and arrived in rest billets at NIELLES about 10.30 p.m.
2/9th King's Liverpool Regt.
NIELLES 8th Kit inspection by O.C. Companies in the afternoon. All ranks rested in the morning.
9th The Battn paraded at 9 a.m. under Coy Commanders and all kit deficiencies were taken. At 11 a.m. the C.O. inspected the Battn. Parade dismissed at 12.30 p.m. All Hqrs personnel bathed, also Transport.
10th Parade cancelled owing to bad weather. A Coy bathed. The Draft of 5 officers & 37 O.R.s were inspected by C.O. in the afternoon.
11th Church Parades cancelled owing to bad weather. Holy Communion held at B.H.Q. at 12 noon.
12th Training carried out in accordance with Bde Programme. Lewis Gun Teams inspected by Brigade Lewis Gun Officer. Captain H.H. WILKINSON took overduties as Second-in-Command. Lieut. J.M. PARKES took over command of D Coy. One Coy bathed during the afternoon.
13th Training in accordance with Bde Programme.
14th Training in accordance with Bde Programme. Specail Class for Lewis Gunners started lasting three days. Letter received from G.O.C. & Officers of 170th Inf. Bde thanking Lt. Col. E.V. MANGER and officers of the 2/9th Bn. "The King's" for sending their band to PROVEN to cheer up the men of the 170th Infty Bde who had come out of the line. C Coys Sports held on the Company Training Area.
15th Coys trained in accordance with Bde Programme. Lecture in the afternoon by A.D.M.S. 57th Division on "Trench Foot" for which the battalion paraded.
16th Training in accordance with Bde Programme. Special attention paid to saluting. Two Coys bathed.
17th Battalion paraded at 8.30 a.m. and marched to GUEMY Rifle Range for firing practice.
18th Church Parade on Battalion Parade Ground at 11.30 a.m.
19th Training in accordance with Bde Programme.
20th Training in accordance with Bde Programme.
21st Training in accordance with Bde Programme.
22nd Battalion paraded and marched to the Fifth Army Musketry Range for firing practice.
23rd Inspection of Battalion by G.O.C. 57th Division. Lt. Col. E.V. MANGER returned to unit from hospital. Band of the 73rd French Infantry Regiment visited the Battalion and played on the Parade Ground.
24th Battalion practice attack carried out on RECQUES WEST training area.
25th Parade Service 11.30 a.m.
26th Training in accordance with Bde Programme.
27th Training in accordance with Bde Programme.
28th Battalion Attack practice. RECQUES WEST Area.
29th Training in accordance with Bde Programme.
30th Training in accordance with Brigade Programme.
2/9th Bn L'pool Regt.

Lewis Guns - 8 (1 returned to O.C. 2/8th K.L.R.)
Magazines - 9
Rifles - 39 - (3 German) 42
Bayonets - 13
Very Pistols - 1
Wire Cutters, pairs - 3
Spare Part Bags - 6
Entrenching Tool Carriers - 13
Water Bottles - 9
Water Bottle Carriers - 14
Haversacks - 18
Pouches - 18
Straps, Shoulder - 15
Belts - 5
Gas Helmets - 4
Entrench. Tool Heads - 4
Entrench Tool Helves - 8
Steel Helmets - 1
Oil Sheets - 2
Bombs, Bags - 5
Periscopes - 1
Periscope Covers - 1
Petrol Tins - 2
Telephone, D.III - 1

NIELLES 1st Battn marched to RECQUES WEST area and carried out an attack practice.
2nd Battn Church Parade.
3rd Training in accordance with Brigade Programme. A second Lewis Gun Class started.
4th Training in accordance with Brigade Programme.
5th The Battalion took part in a Brigade Attack Practice RECQUES W.
6th Demonstration for officers & N.C.O.s by Commandant XVIII Corps School at NORAUSQUES. Coys at disposal of Coy 2nd in Command.
The F.M. C.inC. awarded the following decoration for gallantry and devotion to duty:
The Military Cross. Capt. P. RITCHIE, R.A.M.C. Attd. 2/9th The King's.
7th The Battn entrained at AUDRUICQ STATION & arrived PROVIN 1.30 p.m. from where it marched to HERZEELE Rear area.
G.B.L. RAE, Major
Commandg 2/9th King's
Liverpool Regt.
HERZEELE 8th Kit inspection of the whole Battn. Improving of Billets etc.
9th Battn Church Parade 11.30 a.m.
A & B Coy bathed.
10th Training in accordance with Brigade Programme.
C Coy bathed.
11th Training in accordance with Brigade Programme.
D Coy bathed.
Battn Inter-Platoon Singing Competition.
12th Inspection of Battalion by G.O.C. 172nd Infantry Bde.
13th Training in accordance with Brigade Programme.
14th Training in accordance with Brigade Programme.
15th A, B, C Coys Training in accordance with Brigade Programme. D Coy carried out an attack practice.
16th Church Parade held in the CINEMA HERZEELE at 10 a.m.
Advance party under Capt. H.H. WILKINSON proceeded to EMILE CAMP, ELVERDINGHE to arrange accommodation for the battalion.
EMILE CAMP, ELVERDINGHE 17th The Battalion entrained at HERZEELE at 9 a.m. and arrived ELVERDINGHE at 12.30 p.m. It then proceeded by road to the Support Brigade area and was accommodated at EMILE CAMP in huts and dugouts. The facilities at hand in this camp were very good. The huts were in good condition and fitted with stores (stoves?). Good cookhouses for each company enabled a very good menu to be adhered to each day. Soup, tea or porridge was given to the men each night.
Transport. The Transport was accommodated at BENSONS FARM. The Lines and accommodation were satisfactory. The standings although affording good accommodation were not complete when taken over. They are being improved each day.
18th Company Commanders reconnoitred forward area. Companies paraded under Company arrangements for cleaning & kit inspection.
19th Training in accordance with Bn Programme. Captain & Adjutant J. WRIGHT mentioned in despatches dated 18.12.17.
20th Routine.
21st Officers reconnoitre line.
22nd Training & Routine. Officers reconnoitre front line system with N.C.O.s HOUTHULST FOREST SECTOR.
23rd Divine Service.
24th Fitting out for going into line.
25th 3 p.m. - The Battn crossed the Canal at 3.15 p.m. via CLARGES STREET to take over the Left Sub-Sector from the 2/7th KING'S LIVERPOOL REGT. Administrative & Operation Orders attached. Relief complete 7.45 p.m. One casualty Machine Gun Fire. Frequent heavy falls of snow during the relief and throughout the night. All posts in the front line inspected. Most posts had neither adequate protection from fire or any shelter from the weather. The wire along the whole front is negligible. Men worked on posts throughout the night. No movement allowed by day, wire and corrugated shelters brought up by carrying parties after dusk and improvement of posts continued.
26th Heavy barrage well to the right of right Sub-Sector caused enemy on our front uneasiness, this he showed by continued shelling and Machine Gun Fire on tracks and cross roads and extra alertness along our front posts. Brilliant moonlight and snow made patrolling impossible. Casualties, one Officer Lt. W. A. REID & 3 O.R. killed, 14 O.R. wounded. Lt. W. A. REID and Sgt. J.B. WOOSEY were hit whilst visiting the Front Line Posts.
27th 5 a.m. Weather still severe, ground snow covered and frost bound. One case of Trench Foot. Two large carrying parties found by reserve Coy. carried up from R.E. Dump to front line barbed wire, stakes and elephant shelters. Men of front line posts improved shelters and put up wire in Forest.
For gallant service on the Western Front 2nd Lt. L.T. LOCAN, Manchester Regt. Attached 2/9th The King's Liverpool Regt. "Mentioned in Despatches of Nov. 7th "London Gazette" of Tuesday Dec 18th 1917.
11.30 p.m. - Inter-Coy Relief complete. "A" & "B" Coys relieved "C" & "D" in the Front Line, "C" & "D" Coys returning to the Counter attack and Reserve Coy Lines respectively.
Trench Foot: The prescribed precautionary measures for the prevention of Trench Foot appear to be having the desired affect under the most adverse circumstances. Ground very bad, thaw set in.
28th Front area quiet. Several cases of Frost bitten feet amongst the troops relieved from the line shell holes, owing to the men being unable to move about or leave their shell holes. Snow covered ground & bright moonlight making the least movement visible to the enemy, who on his side had his back to the Forest. Special warning order received regarding the unusual quietness of the enemy from Divisional Commander but the hours of darkness passed away without any unusual occurrence.
29th Arrangements made with the 2/10th K.L.R. to relieve at 10.30 p.m. instead of usual time about 8 o'clock to avoid the usual period of enemy activities. At 5.20 p.m. S.O.S. signal was seen on our right & passed on by us. Our barrage responding immediately. Relief carried out without casualty. Total casualties during the four days in the line, 1 Officer, 4 O.R. Killed & 1 Officer (2nd Lt. A.R. HILL) & 21 O.R. wounded.
CANAL BANK 30th 1.45 a.m. - Relief complete, battalion on arriving at CANAL BANK was served out with a hot meal and tea.
31st Three companies employed on fatigue in front line.
5.30 p.m. - One composite company relieved a company of the 2/4th SOUTH LANCASHIRE REGT in the right sub-sector. Arrangement made for housing the relieved Coy on arrival at CANAL BANK. Hot tea and rum to be served out. Weather conditions:- slight thaw in morning followed by hard frost, cold severe, night clear. Enemy aeroplanes crossed canal, passing over camp.
E.V. MANGER, Lt. Col.
Commdg. 2/9 Kings (L'pool Regt).
26th December 1917

RELIEF:- Inter-Company Relief will take place tomorrow at 11.30 p.m.
"A" Company will relieve "C" Company on the LEFT Coy Sector.
"B" Company will relieve "D" Company on the RIGHT Coy Sector.

Os.C., "C" & "D" Coy will furnish Os.C., "A" & "B" Coy with numbers of posts, strength of each post, and position of Lewis Guns by 6.0p.m. tomorrow. Lewis Guns will be taken out but ammunition handed over. Relieving Teams will come up with one full drum.

Guides. Guides from each post in the front line will await the arrival of relieving posts at point V.5.c.8.9. on the FIVE CHEMINS ROAD at 11.15 p.m. ANTI-AIRCRAFT POSTS will be handed and taken over as ordinary posts.

Move:- Posts will move to the front line in Single file with at least 50 yards' interval between posts.

On relief "C" Coy will take over VEE BEND Area, and "D" Coy will move to CRAONNE FARM by posts as relieved in single file.
Relief complete will be reported to Battalion Headquarters by wire, using the following Code Words:-
"A" Company "RED"
"B" Company "GREEN"
"C" Company "YELLOW"
"D" Company "BLUE"

F.B. Clement
Capt & A/Adjt.,
"K" Battalion


IN THE FIELD       24th December 1917

(1) The Batttalion will take over from the LEFT Sub-Sector, HOUTHOUST FOREST from the Battalion holding the Line, in the following order:-
RIGHT COY:- "D" Coy. H/QRS:- LES 5 CHEMINS (6 posts)
LEFT COY:- "C" Coy. H/QRS:- by AJAX HOUSE (6 posts)
SUPPORT COY:- "A" Coy. H/QRS:- VEE BEND posts:- 2 platoons - VEE BEND, 2 platoons - U.11. No.1.

Inter-Company Relief will take place on the night of 27th/28th December.

(2) The Battalion will parade ready to march off at 9.30a.m. and proceed to the CANAL BANK by Coys in file at 100yards distance between Coys. The Battalion will have dinner at the CANAL BANK, and be ready to move at 2.30 p.m. via CLARGES STREET at 100 yards between platoons.

(3) On the night of 24th/25th December a representative of each platoon will be sent into the front line system to ascertain the situation and assist the relief. The two officer representatives from 2 front line Coys will return to CANAL BANK by 11.30 a.m. on the 25th, having ascertained the strength of each post, and the locality of each Lewis Gun other than anti-aircraft guns.

(4) GUIDES:- Guides for 2/9th K.L.R. will be sent to the CANAL BANK by 1.0 p.m. on the 25th. CLARGES STREET will be used for all 'up' traffic.

(5) Anti-aircraft Lewis Guns & teams with anti-aircraft mountings will be supplied by Coys at the following posts:-
"C" COY - AJAX HOUSE:- 1 Gun & Team
"A" COY - U.17.a.5.9., GRUYTERSZALE FARM:- 2 Guns & 2 Teams
"B" COY - MONT MORALL FARM:- 1 Gun & Team

(6) S.O.S. Posts will be taken over as follows:- VEE BEND - One N.C.O. & 3 men from Battn Observers, and will be relieved with Companies.

(7) DRESS:- Leather Jerkins & Greatcoats will be worn - Haversacks on backs - 3 pairs of socks & 120 rounds of ammunition per man - two water bottles & two days' rations - Each man will be provided with a reserve ration of rum.
On Inter-Coy relief the returning Coys will take up two days' rations, and Coys relieved will have their rations dumped in the posts they take over. Each man in the front line Coys will carry and dump in his post 2 Mills Bombs. These will be handed over on Inter-Coy relief.

(8) DEFENCE SCHEMES, AEROPLANES PHOTOS, MAPS, ETC. re: Brigade Sector will be taken over on relief - receipts in duplicate to be sent to Battn H/Qtrs.

(9) RELIEF:- will be reported to Battn H/Qtrs by Fullerphone:-
"D" Company - "WILKIE"
"C" Company - "MAIR"
"A" Company - "MYERS"
"B" Company - "LEE"

(10) EMILE CAMP to be left in a clean and sanitary condition. Os.C, Coys will render certificates to this effect by 8.30 a.m. 25th inst.

Lieut. Col.,
Commanding "K" Bttalion
Issued at …

Copy No. 1 - 172nd Inf. Bde.
2 - 2/8th K.L.R.
3 - 2/5th S.L.R.
4 - C.O.'s File
5 - Office File
6 "A" Coy.
7 "B" Coy.
8 "C" Coy.
9 "D" Coy.
10 War Diary.
Administrative Instructions
For Tour In Line
Ref. No. S.W.4
24th December 1917

1. DETAILS REMAINING BEHIND. Details not proceeding into the Line will be accommodated as under:-


Capt. G.F. BUCKLE will be responsible for parading the Coy Details at 10 a.m. tomorrow, and taking them to the Camp. He will be responsible for this for this party until proceeding on Leave, when Capt. H.J. HALLETT will take over.
Each man will take with him the unexpended portion of the day's rations.

2. DETAILS RETURNING FROM THE LINE. Any details sent down from the line will report to Capt. H.H. WILKINSON at the Wagon lines.

3. FIELD KITCHENS. Four field cookers will proceed to the CANAL BANK at 10 a.m. tomorrow, Dinners will be issued from the cookers at 12 midday. Tea will be prepared and issued at 3.0 p.m.
"A" & "B" Coys cookers will remain at the CANAL BANK under Sergt. FOX where tea will be prepared and sent up the line in accordance with para:-
"C" Coys cooker will proceed to HOUNSLOW CAMP to cook for details, and "D" Coy's to the WAGON LINES.

4. DISTRIBUTION OF RATIONS. Each man carried TWO days' rations going into the Line. The rations for the further two days will be sent up and distributed as under:-
One limber containing TWO Coys' rations will leave the WAGON LINES at 8 p.m. on the 26th, and proceed to CRAONNE FARM, where the rations for two days will be dumped.
"B" Coy will distribute their SECOND days' rations before proceeding to the front line. The relieving Coy will distribute rations as soon as they have been relieved by "B" Coy and taken over the position at CRAONNE FARM.

A second Limber with TWO days' rations will proceed to VEE BEND at 2.0 p.m. on the 26th inst, and TWO Coys' rations will be dumped here and distributed in the same way as the other Coys.
Os.C., "A" & "B" Coys will be responsible for unloading the limbers on arrival at their respective Headquarters.
Coy. Q.M.Sergts of "B" & "D" Coys will proceed to CROANNE FARM with "B" Coy tomorrow for the purpose of reconnoitring the way.
Coy Q.M.Sergts of "A" & "C" Coys will proceed to VEE BEND with "A" Coy tomorrow for the same purpose.
All Coy Q.M.Sergts will return to the WAGON LINES as soon as they have ascertained the position of the Companies.
They will accompany the limbers when the rations go up on the 26th inst, and will be responsible for them until they are properly handed over to their respective Coys.

5. TRANSPORT ROUTES. Route for Transport is:-
BOESINGHE BRIDGE to U.21.a.o.5. - U.33.c.7.5.
VEE BEND U.11.c.95.65
Wheeled transport can be used to VEE BEND

6. HOT TEA:- The Transport Officer will arrange for four pack mules to be at the CANAL BANK each day at the following times:-
2.30 p.m. & 8.30 a.m.

These animals will each carry six petrol tins. These tins will be filled with hot tea at the CANAL BANK. Three mules will then proceed to Battn H/Qtrs via VEE BEND.
A party of 1 man from each of the front line Coys & the Support Coy will be at Battn Hqtrs at 5.30 p.m. and 4.30 a.m. to unload the mules and take the teas to their respective Coys.
The remaining mule will proceed to CRAONNE FARM. The empty tins must be brought back on the next journey.
The mules will make the first journey at 12.30 a.m. on the 26th inst.

7. RECONNOITRING OF ROUTE:- The Transport Officer will arrange for the route to Battn H/Qtrs to be reconnoitred without delay, so that no delay in getting up the mules occurs.

8. WATER CARTS:- Water Carts will be moved from EMILE CAMP at 10 a.m. tomorrow and will proceed as under:-

9. EMILE CAMP:- Certificates of cleanliness will be rendered in accordance with instructions issued.
R.Q.M.S MARTLEN will report to Capt. H.H. WILKINSON at 8.30 a.m. to hand over Area Stores etc.
All Coy Stores will be handed in to Q/M's Stores by 8.0 a.m. tomorrow also officers Valises.

10. CARRYING PARTIES:- Four men of the Band will report to each Coy at 9.0 a.m. tomorrow. They will beused as a carrying party, and will return to the Wagon Lines on completion of their duties.

Capt. & A/Adjt.,