1/9th Battalion War Diary - July to September, 1916

1st Weather fine. At 7.20 a.m. our Artillery bombarded the enemy's trenches & continued until 8.10 a.m. doing considerable damage to his parapet. At 7.25 a.m. we put up a smoke barrage. The enemy retaliated chiefly on our front line, smashing in the parapet in about 10 places. The Support line and Communication Trenches were practically undamaged, 77 mm shells mainly being used.
At 11 a.m. we fired about 10 6" shells at the enemy's trenches, he replied with a few 77 mm shells. Remainder of day very quiet.
2nd Weather fine. During the morning the enemy shelled our front and Support lines. He appeared to be registering with 5.9s. At 1 p.m. he commenced to bombard our front and Support lines between Ash St. and Clean St. with 5.9s and 4.2s doing considerable damage to our Wire & Trenches & continued until 2.35 p.m. At 3.10 p.m. he commenced a rapid rate of fire on the same portion of our trenches which lasted until 4.10 p.m. After an interval of 20 minutes he commenced again and continued until 5.3 p.m. Three dugouts were blown in (one being a mined dugout) 34 men were buried. Work was carried on at these dugouts until 4.15 a.m. the following morning, when all the men alive had been rescued, 9 of these being wounded. 7 bodies were left in but these were recovered the following night. Our retaliation on the enemy's trenches appeared to be rather weak, but the heavies did very good work. It was reported they had removed the village of FICHEUX except for one house.
5 p.m. - Two platoons of the 1/4th SOUTH LANCS & two Companies of the 1st DEVONS moved into our Reserve line ready to assist if necessary.
At about 9.30 p.m. one Coy of the 7th KINGS relieved the DEVONS. During the night every effort was made to repair damage done to our Wire & Trenches. The Coy of the 7th KINGS & the two Platoons of the 1/4th SOUTH LANCS assisting.
2/Lt. E. JONES & 6 O.R. killed, 10 O.R. wounded, 2 subsequently died from wounds.
Casualties of 6th KINGS attached to this Battn. 2 O.R. killed & 3 O.R. wounded.
During the night C Coy relieved D Coy in the front line (Left Coy.) The enemy was fairly quiet throughout the night.
3rd Weather fine. 2 O.R. wounded. 3.58 p.m. The enemy was very quiet during the day until 3.58 p.m. then he put about 30 77 mm shells on our Support line. During the night he fired occasional salvos on our working parties.
The Coy of the 7th KINGS returned to BRETENCOURT at 10 a.m. The two Platoons of the 1/4th SOUTH LANCS. remained in our trenches. A working party of 160 O.R. Pioneers was supplied to assist us in clearing the Trenches.
4th Weather changeable. Except for a few 77 mm shells enemy was very quiet throughout the day. During the night he fired occasional Salvos on our working parties.
1.30 p.m. The two Platoons of the 1/th SOUTH LANCS moved out of our Trenches. A working party of 120 O.R. Pioneers etc. under R.E.s was supplied to assist us in clearing Trenches. 103 O.R. joined the Battn. As reinforcements, 48 of the 6th KINGS & 55 of the 7th KINGS.
5th Weather fine. The enemy fired occasional shells on our Front and Support lines during the day, otherwise very quiet.
100 O.R. Pioneers were working in our trenches during the night.
6th Weather fine. Enemy quiet. 127 O.R. joined Battn. as reinforcements, 1 of the 6th KINGS, 7 7th KINGS, 43 8th KINGS, 59 9th KINGS & 17 10th KINGS.
7th Weather fine. Enemy quiet.
9.40 a.m. - GAS ALERT ordered.
4.0 p.m. - GAS ALERT cancelled.
A party of Pioneers was working in our trenches during the night.
8th Weather fine. Enemy quiet.
2.20 p.m. - The Battn was relieved by the 6th KINGS and marched to BEAUMETZ. Tea was served in the CHATEAU grounds. At 9 p.m. they proceeded to Hutments at GOUY arriving there at 10.15 p.m.
GOUY 9th Weather fine. 55 O.R. Rifles were inspected by the Armourer Sergt. Church parade was held at 11.15 a.m. in the Camp grounds.
10th Weather fine. The Battn carried out practice in the Attack during the morning and afternoon at Dummy Trenches.
8 Officers joined the Battn. as reinforcements. 2/Lt B.A. GUMMER, 2/Lt R.M. POOLEY, 2/Lt W.G. PRITCHARD, 2/Lt G. NELSON-SMITH, 2/Lt J. BRACE, 2/Lt. C.G.R. HILL, 2/Lt R.C. WILDE, 2/Lt W.L. YORATH.
11th Weather fine. During the morning Practice in the Attack was continued. In the afternoon the Battn. went on a route march.
12th Weather changeable. The same programme as for the 10th.
13th Weather changeable. Programme as for the 10th.
14th Weather changeable. Programme of training as for the 10th.
15th Weather fine. 55 O.R. (Scottish) joined as reinforcements. Route March and practice Advance and rear guard.
16th Weather fine. 60 O.R. joined as reinforcements. Church Parade.
17th Wet weather. Inspection by Brigadier Gen. DUNCAN C.M.G. ("in the attack").
18th Wet weather.
19th Programme of training as for the 10th. Weather fine.
SUS-ST.-LEGER 20th 7 a.m. The Battn proceeded to billets at SUS-ST.-LEGER, arriving at 10.45 a.m. Weather fine. 70 O.R. joined Battn as reinforcements, 70 10th KINGS.
HALLOY 21st 7 a.m. The Battn proceeded to billets at HALLOY arriving at 11 a.m. Weather fine. 50 O.R. joined Battn as reinforcements, 48 5th KINGS, 1 6th KINGS, 1 7th KINGS. Also 2/Lts. PADMORE, ELLAM and VICARS
AUTHEUX 22nd 7 a.m. The Battn proceeded to billets at AUTHEUX arriving at 12 noon. Weather fine.
23rd Weather fine. Church Parade.
24th Weather fine. Training carried out in morning and Route March during the afternoon.
25th Weather fine.
5 p.m. - The Battn. proceeded to CANDAS to entrain. Owing to the train being late we did not entrain until 1.30 a.m.
MERICOURT 26th The Battn arrived at MERICOURT at 6 a.m. After detraining they marched to billets in the village. Weather fine.
27th Weather fine. Training carried out.
[Sheet 62 D. 1/20,000]
28th 3.5 p.m. - The Battn proceeded to Bivouac area at K.17B & K.11D arriving at 6 p.m.
K.17B & K.11D 29th Weather fine. Training carried out.
30th Weather fine.
3.45 p.m. - The Battn proceeded to Bivouac area at F.14D & F.20A arriving at 5 p.m.
F.14D & F.20A 31st Weather fine. Coy. training carried out.
(Intld) W.R.
Lt. Col.
Commanding 9th KINGS.
[62D NE]
1st 9 a.m. - The Battalion proceeded to New Bivouac Area at F 23 A. Weather fine.
2nd Weather fine. Practice in the Attack carried out.
3rd Weather fine. Training carried out.
[GUILLEMONT 1/20,000]
TRONES WOOD SECTOR 4th Weather fine
7.30 p.m. - The Battn moved from the Bivouac area at F 23 A and relieved the 8th Battn THE KINGS (L'pool Regt) T.F. who were in support to 2/5 LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS at the BRICQUETERIE. Dispositions of our Coys being "B" Coy were in close support in trench from A 6a 1.6 to S.30.C.00 40 just South of TRONES WOOD. The remaining three companies were in trench south of BERNAFAY WOOD. Battalion Bombers were along SUNKEN ROAD, South East of BRICQUETERIE. Battalion Headquarters were established at the BRICQUETERIE.
5th The Battn relieved the 2/5 LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS in the front line, disposition of our companies being "C" on the right, "B" Coy on the left, "D" Coy in close support & "A" Coy in trench just south of TRONES WOOD, A.6a. 1.6 to S 30.C. 00. 40. Battalion Headquarters being at S 30 a. 5. 3.
The relief commenced at 2 p.m. but owing to enemy observation it was not completed until 8 p.m. During the relief the enemy shelled the Communication trenches and the Support trenches the whole time & continued well into the night. He used 77 mm, 4.2, but mainly 5.9 shells, doing considerable damage and inflicting numerous casualties. Battalion Headquarters were heavily shelled. Owing to "D" Company being in the open on the sunken road, which was being continually bombarded, it was decided to dig a trench along the side of the road. This trench was completed by "D" Coy and undoubtedly saved many casualties. Weather fine.
6th Weather fine. Enemy continued to shell our position throughout the day. At 10 a.m. a number of 8" shells were dropped near Battalion Headquarters. Headquarters Dugout being blown in, Headquarters were then moved to a "cubby hole" on the sunken road at about S.30. C 5.5. Up to today the Battalion has sustained the following losses since taking over the front line. Capt. D.H.D. WOODERSON & 7 other ranks killed, 2/Lt L.C. COCKRAM, 2/Lt WILDE H.M., 2/Lt PRITCHARD W.G. & 93 other ranks wounded.
7th During the day and under heavy shell fire "D" Coy dug a new communication trench from SUNKEN ROAD through the TRONES WOOD-GUILLEMONT ROAD joining up the front line.
11.30 p.m. - The Battalion was relieved by the 8th IRISH, 4th KINGS OWN and 4th NORTH LANCS and proceeded to the N.E. corner of OXFORD COPSE and thence to the old British Line just east of the TALUS BOISE at A.9.C 9.6. Weather fine.
TALUS BOISE A 9. C 9. 6 8th Battn in Reserve in old British line, making wire entanglements. Weather fine.
9th Battalion in Reserve in old British line, making wire entanglements. Weather fine. 2/Lt HENSHILWOOD, A.R., 2/Lt A.M. ADAMS joined the Battn as reinforcements.
10th 9.30 p.m. - "A" Coy proceeded to EDWARDS TRENCH, Bombers took over COCHRANE ALLEY, "B" Coy proceeded to CASEMENT TRENCH at 9.30 p.m. in reserve to 6th KINGS. The above Companies came under orders of O/C 6th KINGS. "C" & "D" Coys remained in old front line.
11th During the night of 11th/12th the Battn took over trenches from 6th KINGS from COCHRANE ALLEY on the right to junction of SHUTE TRENCH with ASSEMBLY TRENCH on the left. The dispositions of Coys being "A & B" Coys in the front line, "C & D" Coys in the ASSEMBLY TRENCH, "C" on the right and "D" on the left. Battalion Bombers holding the block in COCHRANE ALLEY. Battalion Headquarters were established at junction of MALTZ HORN trench with DUNCAN ALLEY. Weather fine.
MALTZ HORN FARM AREA 12th The enemy shelled our position during the morning. In the course of the afternoon orders were received that the Battalion would attack at 5.15 p.m. in conjunction with the French, along a line running from B 1 C 20.85 northwards with its left flank bending back in a North Westerly direction to facilitate the joining up with our original front line. One Coy was detailed to join this up at night. A & B Coys were detailed to attack - "A on the right & B" on the left. Three sections of the Battalion Bombers were to advance up COCHRANE ALLEY and create a block. "C & D" Coys were in support in ASSEMBLY TRENCH. Our bombardment commenced at 3.30 p.m. and was vigorously replied to by the enemy. From 5.15 p.m. until about 7 p.m. our artillery fire was intense. "A & B" Coys attacked in two waves, our "C & D" Coys then moved up into SHUTE TRENCH. Although "A" Coy lost their Company Cdr & three platoon Cdrs and "B" Coy three platoon Commanders together with a heavy percentage of N.C.O.s, they reached their objective at about 5.45 p.m. and commenced to consolidate. Great difficulty was experienced owing to hostile Machine gun & rifle fire which was kept up all night.
At 6.6 p.m. one platoon of "C" Coy was ordered to reinforce "A" Coy. At 6.20 p.m. one platoon of "D" Coy was ordered to reinforce "B" Coy. Two platoons of FRED were then moved up into SHUTE TRENCH followed shortly afterwards by another two platoons. The Battalion Bombers advanced up COCHRANE ALLEY and their objective was quickly reached. The Bombing Officer was killed immediately on reaching the road. This trench near the road was completely blown in and it was decided to witdraw some 35 to 40 yards down COCHRANE ALLEY and form a block. At 6.30 p.m. owing to casualties, all available bombers were ordered to reinforce the Battalion Bombers, and two platoons of "C" Coy moved into COCHRANE ALLEY and formed a defensive flank.
At 11.45 p.m. our advanced line had to be withdrawn to the old front line owing to the enemy enfilading our positions and there being no-one on either flank. The block in COCHRANE ALLEY continued to be held. Despite severe bombardment, telephonic Communication was maintained until 6.50 p.m. At this hour the whole system was practically destroyed, and communication was kept up by means of runners.
13th Weather fine
6.30 p.m. - The Battn was relieved by the 10th Battalion THE KINGS (L'pool Regt.) T.F. and proceeded to Bivouac area F 23 A arriving at 10 p.m.
Since the 6th inst the following casualties have been sustained. Capt. A.W. FULTON, 2/Lt H. WATSON, 2/Lt HOOD ROWAN, M., 2/Lt GUMMER, B.A., 2/Lt W.H. CHALLINER & 48 O.R. killed. 2/Lt R.M. POOLEY, 2/Lt M. WHITEHEAD missing believed killed. 2/Lt W.A. REID & 115 O.R. wounded. 2/Lt. T.E.S. JONES wounded & at duty. 2/Lt J.R. SEMPLE, Shell Shock. 2/Lt H.R. MANSERGH accidentally wounded. Missing 29 O.R.
14th 3 p.m. - The Battn proceeded to billets at VILLE-SUR-ANCRE. Weather fine. Reorganising etc.
F 23 A. VILLE-SUR-ANCRE 15th Weather fine.
6.30 p.m. - Battn was inspected by the Major General.
Cleaning up etc.
16th Weather fine. Training etc.
17th Weather fine. 4 p.m. - The Transport proceeded to new billeting area.
18th Weather fine. 2/Lt A.C. CHALLINER joined the battn as reinforcements.
19th Weather wet.
8.45 a.m. - The Battalion proceeded to MERICOURT Station and entrained for MARTAINVILLE, arriving there at 6 p.m. We then marched to RAMBURELLE.
RAMBURELLE 20th Weather fine.
21st Weather fine. Coy and Battalion training carried out while at RAMBURELLE.
22nd Weather fine.
23rd Weather fine.
2/Lt G. NELSON-SMITH admitted to hospital (sick).
24th Weather fine.
2/Lt. A.C. SHEPHERD rejoined the Battalion from the 165 TRENCH MORTAR BATTERY.
25th Weather fine.
2/Lt T.E.S. JONES admitted to hospital (sick).
26th Weather fine.
A draft consisting of the following joined the Battalion as reinforcements, 48 O.R. 7th Kings, 21 O.R. 9th Kings.
27th Changeable weather.
The following O.R. were returned to their Units. 42 7th Kings, 35 8th Kings, 109 10th King's.
28th Changeable weather.
Lt. Col. C.G. BRADLEY D.S.O. admitted to hospital (sick).
Major P.G.A. LEDERER M.C. assumed command of the Battn.
The transport proceeded to new Bivouac area.
29th Weather changeable.
2/Lt L.L.S. RICHER & 2/Lt W.G. PRITCHARD admitted to hospital (sick).
30th 10 a.m. - The Battalion proceeded to PONT-REMY and entrained for MERICOURT arriving there at 5 a.m. on the 31st. Weather wet.
31st 7.30 a.m. - The Battalion marched from MERICOURT Station to Bivouac Area at E 14 B. arriving at 7.30 a.m.
3 p.m. - The Battalion proceeded to & took over billets at DERNANCOURT. Weather fine.
(Intld) W.R.
Commanding 9th Battalion
THE KINGS (L'pool Regt.)
1st Weather fine. While in this village the Battn practised digging strong points etc.
2nd Weather fine.
3rd Weather changeable.
Capt. H.O. DANIEL & 2/Lt. C.R. HILL admitted to Hospital.
Major H.K.S. WOODHOUSE 5th KINGS took over command of the Battalion.
12.30 a.m. - The Battalion proceeded to the Trenches halting at F13 A for dinner. We arrived at MONTAUBAN ALLEY at 5 p.m. and remained there in reserve. Dispositions of our Companies being "B" Coy on the right, "A" Coy right centre, "D" Coy left centre, "C" Coy on the left. Battn Bombers in the redoubt in Orchard at S 27. C 1.2 & Battn Hdqtrs at S 27. C 10.15
The enemy shelled Battn HQ with about 12 4.2s shortly after we arrived.
5th Weather wet. 2/Lt H.R. MANSERGH rejoined the Battalion from Hospital. Work carried out making trenches defensible.
Casualties 1. O.R. killed, 1 O.R. wounded.
6th Weather wet
7th Weather changeable.
6 a.m. - The Battn proceeded to the front line and relieved the 7th KINGS. Disposition of our Coys being "D" Coy on the right, "C" Coy in the centre, "B" Coy on the left and "A" Coy in support in ORCHARD Trench. The Battn Bombers were in SAVOY Trench and Battn H Qrs in CARLTON Trench. The right of our line was at S 12 A 6.5 and the left at S 11 B 5.6. "D" Coy also took over two strong points at S 12 A 6.5 & S 12 A 4.6 respectively. "C" Coy took over one strong point at S 12 A 3.7. During the day the enemy was fairly quiet. At night work was commenced connecting up the Strong Points, digging a communication trench along the FLERS Rd from the front line to the right Strong Point, also extending our left to try and get in touch with the 5th KINGS. This trench was dug for 130 yards 3 ft deep. Our left then rested on NORTH ST. at a point about S 11 B 2.7. One prisoner was taken by one of our patrols during the night.
[LONGUEVAL 1/20,000]
TEA TRENCH 7th A patrol was sent up the FLERS Road for a distance of 350 yards and found it was not occupied by the enemy. A patrol went out in the direction of S 11 A 9.8 but could find none of the enemy. A Patrol also went out and got in touch with the 5th KINGS & reported TEA TRENCH was not occupied by the enemy. "A" Coy afterwards moved up into the Front line, in the left centre, "B" Coy moving along into new trench dug.
The 166th Inf Brigade was on our right and the 5th KINGS on our left.
Casualties, 2 O.R. killed, 3 O.R. wounded & 1 O.R. missing.
8th Weather fine. During the day the enemy kept up a barrage (which at times was very intense) along the line DELVILLE WOOD, ORCHARD TRENCH, PEAR TRENCH & WOOD LANE. At night our "D" Coy took over a strong point at S 12 A 8.5 from the 10th SCOTTISH. Work was carried out on connecting up all the four strong points. We also continued the trench from NORTH ST. 80 yds in a northerly direction. APPLE TRENCH was also deepened. A Patrol went up the FLERS RD for about 300 yds from the junction of roads S 12 A 55.36 along Road towards FLERS & found none of the enemy. A Patrol of 7 men and a Corpl Bomber left our trenches about S 11 B 5.5 & proceeded in a N.W. direction & when about 100 yds N.W. of this point the enemy opened fire with two MGs from a point about S 11 B 9.8 killing the Corpl. the Patrol returned shortly afterwards and reported this. A Patrol went along TEA TRENCH in a westerly direction & gained touch with the 5th KINGS. They reported the trench much knocked about & dead bodies in it. At intervals during the night the enemy put up his usual barrage.
Casualties, 1 O.R. killed, 13 O.R. wounded.
9th Weather fine.
Our "C" & "D" Coys were relieved in the front line by two Coys of the 7th KINGS. They also took over the Strong Points. On relief "C" & "D" Coys proceeded to Carlton Trench where they remained in reserve. Two Platoons of "A" Coy were withdrawn from the front line and put into ORCHARD TRENCH.
At intervals throughout the day and night the enemy put up his usual barrage. At about 5.10 p.m one of our M.G.s at S 11 B 40.45 observed an enemy's M.G. in a shell hole about S 11 B 25.80 on NORTH ST. which was firing in the direction of WOOD LANE, he opened fire on it and he together with a Lewis Gun which was firing from a point where our trenches cut cuts NORTH ST. silenced the enemy's M.G. Later on about 5.30 p.m. a number of Germans without arms (probably prisoners) broke away from the direction of WOOD LANE and ran towards COFFEE Trench. Our same M.G. was able to make good practice and scattered the parties, scoring many hits. These parties got into shell holes and during the evening and night a number of red flares were sent up. It is probably owing to these lights being sent up that the enemy did not shell our front line, being afraid of hitting their own men. At the same time enabling us to complete our work of connecting up the Strong Points with the front line and continuing the digging of the new Trench & joining up with the old TEA Trench on our left at S 11 A 9.5.
Casualties, 1 O.R. killed, 6 O.R. wounded.
[62 D N E.] 10th Weather fine.
Throughout the day, at intervals the enemy put up his usual barrage.
1 a.m. - During the night of 10/11 "A & B" Coys were relieved by the 1st NEW ZEALAND RIFLE Bde. In CARLTON & SAVOY TRENCHES. The Coys marched independently back to Bivouac Area at F 13 A.
Casualties, 1 O.R. killed & 5 O.R. wounded.
F.13 A. 11th 11 a.m. - Weather fine. The Battn. proceeded to BUIRE-SOUS-CORBIE and went under canvas.
BUIRE 12th Weather fine. Coys cleaning up etc.
2/Lt RUSSELL rejoined the Battn from Base where he had been instructing drafts for the last 2 months.
13th Weather changeable. Coy training carried out.
14th Weather fine.
15th Weather fine.
[62D NE] 16th Weather fine.
2.30 p.m. - The Battn proceeded to Bivouac area at E 15 A. At about 6.30 p.m. the enemy shelled the Camp and the Battalion moved to another area in E 14 B.
[MAP No W L 4 1/10,000]
E 14 D 17th 11 a.m. - Weather fine. The Battalion proceeded to the trenches, halting at POMMIER REDOUBT for dinner. We remained there until 7.30 p.m. & then continued the march to the trenches. We relieved the 11th QUEENS in the front line, the right being N 31 b 4.1 & the left N 31 A 3.8. The dispositions of our Coys being Battn Bombers on the right, A Coy in the centre, B on the left. C & D Coys were detailed to dig strong points in front of this line at N 25 d 3.4 & N 25 A 6.2. This they did during the night. C Coy occupied them. D Coy returned to sunken at N 31 b 4.1. While the relief was in progress the enemy put up an intense barrage between the front line and the sunken road but fortunately we had few casualties. At intervals throughout the night the enemy opened fire with MGs & rifles & also put up a heavy barrage. He evidently expected us to attack.
18th Weather very wet. At intervals throughout the day the enemy put up his usual barrage along the sunken Rd. BULLS way.
During the night of the 18/19th the 5th KINGS OWN relieved the Battalion. We then proceeded to YORK TRENCH which was in a fearful state owing to the rain arriving there at 4.30 a.m. The men were already drenched.
Casualties sustained, 2/Lt H.R. MANSERGH wounded, 4 O.R. KILLED, 14, O.R. wounded & 11 O.R. missing.
YORK TRENCH 19th Weather wet. Battn resting.
POMMIER REDOUBT 20th Weather fine.
8 a.m. - The Battalion proceeded to Bivouac Area at POMMIER REDOUBT and remained there until the 23.9.16
21st Weather fine.
22nd Weather fine.
Capt. H. AGNEW, R.A.M.C. returned to the 2/1 WEST LANCS FIELD AMBULANCE having been relieved by Capt. McIVOR.
[W L 4 1/10,000] 23rd Weather fine. The Battn proceeded to the trenches and relieved the 5th KINGS OWN in the front line from N 31.B.4.9 to N 25a 5.6 dispositions of our Coys being A Coy on the right & B Coy on the left in the front line and Two platoons of each of the above Coys being in the first assembly Trench. Our C Coy on the right and "D" Coy on the left in the 2nd Assembly Trench. The relief was complete by 10 p.m. Battn Hdqtrs was established at N 31 B 3.1. The enemy's artillery was fairly quiet throughout the night.
[W L 4 1/10,000]
FLERS TRENCH 24th The 24th was a fine day and was spent in improving trenches, moving up stores, utensils, bombs etc. Our Bombardment of the enemy's lines was pretty accurate and lasted all day. Our losses incurred through retaliation were very slight & the night was spent in comparative quietness, all available men were employed in improving the advanced trenches and jumping off point.
25th Weather fine. At 7.30 a.m. on the 25th our barrage fire commenced and later on was augmented by a further intense bombardment of the enemy's lines & Strong Points. By noon everything was ready for the attack to commence Orders for which we had received the 24th ZERO hour being 12.35 p.m. on the 25th. Coys were detailed to attack in four waves in the order they had been placed on the 23rd. The ANZACS were attacking on our left and 6th KINGS on our right.
At 12.35 p.m. our Artillery put up a creeping barrage about 150 yards in front of our front line. The Battalion then moved forward in four waves, 100 yards between each wave, with the Battn Bombers on the left of each wave. As the barrage crept forward the men followed close up. Very few losses occurred until the enemy's position was almost reached. A number of Germans surrendered immediately, the remainder tried to bolt but they were dealt with very effectively by our men. A great number of dead & wounded were found in GROVE ALLEY proving that our artillery had done its work very well. The Battn. Bombers soon took the enemy's strong point at N 25 A 7.0 & fought their way along GROVE ALLEY ( a C.T. leading to the enemy's line) and reached their objective by 1.5 p.m. By 8 p.m. the Battalion had established a line of Strong Points from the SEVEN DIALS to FACTORY CORNER with a Bomb block at a point N 19 D 7.2. Strong Points being at N 19 D 8.15, N 19 D 5.1 & N 19 2.1.
They were also in touch with the 6th KINGS on the right and the ANZACS on the left. The above line constituted an advance of 1000 yds. At 4.30 p.m. Battn H.Qrs were moved forward to N 25 D 2.4. At 7.30 p.m. a party of 25 men of 5th KINGS moved forward to assist in constructing the new line. One Coy of the 8th IRISH moved up into GROVE ALLEY to be in close support.
All available Hdqtr details were organised under 2/Lt. RICHER in carrying ammunition & Bombs up to the new position and to bring back wounded. This party worked all night and were successful in bringing all wounded who were lying out. During the night the enemy shelled the old front line very heavily.
Total casualties sustained from 23-26/9/16,
KILLED, Capt. N.L. WATTS, 2/Lt. W. HANSEN, 2/Lt. A.C. CHALLENER, 2/Lt. E.G. PODMORE. Died of wounds, 2/Lt. A.R. HENSHILWOOD
Wounded, 2/Lt. E.W. THOMPSON, 2/Lt. T. VICARS & Major H.K.S. WOODHOUSE.
Killed, 24 Other Ranks.
Wounded, 126 Other Ranks.
Missing, 15 Other Ranks.
Capt. N.L. WATTS' body was removed to the cemetery near POMMIER REDOUBT. The other three bodies were buried near where they fell and crosses erected.
26th During the morning the Battalion's whole position including HQs was subjected to unceasing bombardment by the enemy but the actual damage done was small. At 8 p.m. 2 Companies of the 8th IRISH relieved the Battn. Relief being complete at 1.15 a.m. We then proceeded to YORK TRENCH near GREEN DUMP.
YORK TRENCH 27th Weather fine
28th The Battn proceeded to the Camp at BUIRE-SUR-ANCRE and remained there until the 1st October. A draft of 65 O.R. joined the Battalion as reinforcements.
BUIRE -SUR-ANCRE 29th A draft of 21 O.R. joined the Battalion as reinforcements.
(Intd.) W.R.
Commanding 9th Kings